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Motorbike rental in Budapest


Do you spend your holiday in Hungary? Are you a biker? No matter how much time you have, a motorcycle can be the perfect vehicle for traveling around Budapest and the country, taking in the sights. You can rent motorbikes every day of the week without kilometre limit.
Motorcycle rental for foreign citizens.
Here is some important information about the condition of the rental. Please read it carefully!
Pickup and delivery address: Egressy street 23-25, Budapest, 1149.
Telephone: +36 70 773 0303
GPS coordinate: N 47.507974º  E 19.108813º

Book motorbike in a few quick and easy step:

1. Choose the bike

Suzuki GSR 600

Bérmotor: Suzuki GSR 600  
Production year: 2006
Capacity: 600 cm³
Power: 98 h.p.
Weight: 183 Kg
Bérmotor: Suzuki GSR 600   Bérmotor: Suzuki GSR 600   Bérmotor: Suzuki GSR 600        


Honda CBF 600N

Bérmotor: Honda CBF 600N  
Production year: 2005
Capacity: 600 cm³
Power: 78 h.p.
Weight: 215 Kg
Bérmotor: Honda CBR 600F   Bérmotor: Honda CBR 600F            


2. Documents

Valid motorcycle driving licence
Valid passport
Identity card with photo and address

3.Contact with us

Write a short email in English and use the following form:
Type of the bike:
Date of reservation (from-till):
Safety equipments (if needed):

Please note that our colleagues may not speak fluent English. If you want to contact us by  phone please ask a Hungarian speaking person to help you.


As soon as we get your request, we will send you a reply which contains all the details you need to know.

5. Pick up

At the appointed time and date we will wait for you in our office and give you the motorbike.

Rental terms and conditions:

Rental is a minimum one day period.
You need to fill and sign our rental contract.
Please carry your valid documents: diving licence, passport, identity card.
All riders must be at least 23 years of age
At least two years of riding experience with comparable motorcycle.
Only that person is allowed to ride the motorcycle who rented it from us.
You need to read and accept our safety regulations.
Rental fee contains casco insurance for the motorbike.
A security deposit of 500 Euro must be paid when you pick up the bike. We will return it when you deliver the motor except in the case of any damage.
Rental fee: 70 Euro/day (one day means 24 hours)

Safety equipments can be rented:

  • Helmet: 5 Euro/Day
  • Gloves: 5 Euro/Day
  • Jacket: 5 Euro/Day

Please not that we only accept cash, other payment methods are not possible.

You can use our bike without any distance limit (no kilometre restriction).
We give you the bike clean and full of petrol. At the end of the rental time we want it back clean and full of petrol or extra fee will be charged.
Use unleaded 95 normal petrol.
If you fail to return the motorcycle by the end of the rental period, we are allowed to notify the police.
You need to keep the motorcycle in a closed garage if it is not used. If you have no possibility to lock the motor, you should bring it back to our office for guarding.
You are liable for loss of, and all damage to the motorcycle, please use it as if it were your own.
You can use our bikes only in the area of Hungary, it is strictly forbidden to go abroad.
You are responsibile for any fines and penalties we receive for violation caused by you.
Passanger can be bring for the reponsibility of the driver.

If you have any problem with the motorcycle during the rental period immediatelly call us
+36 (70) 773 0303